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Help & Guidance for Job Seekers During COVID-19

Help & Guidance for Job Seekers During COVID-19
Those who land jobs either during or immediately following the COVID-19 crisis will be those who didn’t give up...

As our nation comes together to slow the spread of COVID-19, the importance of our critical infrastructure workforce becomes clearer than ever. Yet, it is a time of uncertainty, both for those who have become furloughed or unemployed and those who were already conducting job searches. As some companies move to remote work to fight the coronavirus pandemic and others simply suspend operations, you might be wondering if you should continue to apply for jobs and send out resumes or just assume that no one is hiring for the foreseeable future.

Let us dispense with the introductory material and get right to the point of this article, the one main point that will be vital to you in your job search: Those who land jobs either during or immediately following the COVID-19 crisis will be those who didn’t give up.

If you’re job searching at this time, you’re probably experiencing delays in the typical process. Recruiters and job seekers alike are being more cautious as we adjust to this new normal. It’s a time for social distancing, but business must go on and work must be completed, and that means jobs still need to be filled. Even though the hiring process may be slowed, and layoffs and freezes may occur, the same job seeking strategies that worked prior to COVID-19 are the ones that will work during and afterwards.

Last year we published a pair of articles that could be helpful to job seekers this year during COVID-19:

Rising Above the Crowd and Getting Noticed: How to Increase Your Chances at Job Search Success – Part I

Rising Above the Crowd and Getting Noticed: How to Increase Your Chances at Job Search Success – Part II

In addition to the strategies and tips laid out in these articles, we offer the following four strategies that could very likely mean the difference between success and failure for your job search efforts:


Not every industry slows down in an economic downturn (if that’s ultimately where we end up; we’re still not certain that will be the case), and not every company within an industry slows down. The bottom line is that people get hired during layoffs and times of slower growth. Of course, we’ve already told you who gets hired during these economic shifts—those who didn’t stop job searching. Will the search be harder? Possibly. But no matter what happens, there won’t be a 100% halt, and that means it is a time for job seekers at all levels to remain competitive and consistent.


Like investing, trying to time the market is futile. Successful investing results from regularity and consistency, and the same is true with job hunting. Trying to pinpoint when the time is best to get hired is pointless; just start the search! An obvious added benefit of starting and continuing now is that it provides you with a keen edge over those who stop searching; you’ll be in front of potential employers that others won’t. Hiring will speed up and slow down within an organization based on their strategic plans for the year—not solely because of a virus.


With companies now asking employees to work from home, a company’s capacity to onboard new employees can shift hiring managers’ priorities from hiring new people for open positions to caring for employees they already have. What does that mean for you as a candidate? Possible delays. Be prepared to anticipate those delays so you can reposition yourself, remain optimistic, and keep your pipeline full.


Your job as the candidate is to follow up consistently; polite persistence is the key. Always close by asking for the next steps in the interview process, then leave voicemails and send emails to politely ask for updates at reasonable intervals.

We’re not trying to convince you that COVID-19 won’t be an obstacle to your job search efforts, just that it is no different than any hiring obstacle you may have experienced in the past. The key is to remain in control over those things you can control—virus or no virus.

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