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About Luxor Staffing

The Luxor Staffing Story

Jake Hill and Scott Spain met in 1995 and began a small residential real-estate contracting service called J&S Contractors shortly thereafter. J&S Contractors performed various contracting duties for local real-estate agents who specialized in foreclosures. The primary function of the business was evening and weekend work, so that Jake could still pursue a career in land development and residential construction and Scott could attend college. In 1999, the same year Scott married Jake’s younger sister Rachel. Jake and Scott converted the contracting business from J&S Contractors, a partnership at the time, to Luxor Contracting, Inc. In late 2002, Jake and Scott, as co-founders and co-owners, formulated a plan to open a light industrial staffing service in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. In March of 2003 beginning with 1 branch, Luxor Staffing opened for business in Carrollton, TX and has grown to a multi-state staffing service with 18 offices that service hundreds of customers.

Jake Hill

Jake decided to leave his work in land development and residential construction and join a local light industrial staffing firm, in 1996. He began as a sales rep and learned the entire business of staffing from the ground up. He worked primarily in sales but also managed staff in the recruiting offices and eventually moved into a Regional Operations Manager position at the company, overseeing the growth and expansion of multiple locations. After discussions and planning with Scott, Jake left that staffing firm in 2003 to head up Luxor Staffing and has acted as an owner and operator since the founding.

Scott Spain

After completing his Masters degree, Scott began work as a sales rep in the pharmaceutical industry in 2001. At Merck, Scott began as a Medical Representative and worked his way up to a Senior level sales associate, then went on to lead a nationwide sales program that was being installed and eventually started the process of interviewing for sales management positions. In 2006, Scott left Merck to join Luxor Staffing and helped Jake lead the operation and growth of the company.

We grow by providing growth opportunities for our employers and our employees.

Luxor Staffing offers a corporate staffing experience, yet we provide the hands-on service normally expected only from a small, locally-owned firm.

Established in 1999, Luxor now has 18 offices in Texas and North Carolina. We offer 100% bilingual support staff and experienced, professional account representatives.

We are high-volume experts, specializing in staffing shifts of 300 or more employees, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our management team brings well over a century of combined staffing industry expertise to the table—you can be assured that whatever your needs, we have done it before and we do it the best.

We provide effective temporary staffing solutions for:

  • Entry-level
  • Warehouse & distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Machine operation
  • Food Processing
  • Electronics
  • ...and more!

Whether you are an employer or a job seeker, we are in the business of your future.


We function as a full extension of your human resource and safety efforts. We're here so you can focus on your core business.


We provide all of our employees with a safe working environment where they can grow while receiving fair compensation for their work.


  • SERVICE - No one delivers like Luxor.
  • INTEGRITY - We do things the right way.
  • COMMUNICATION - We keep the lines open 24/7.
  • COMMITMENT - We augment and mirror all of our clients' human resource and safety efforts.

We have well over a century of combined staffing experience.

Luxor's leadership team stands on a legacy of delivering effective solutions. No matter what staffing obstacles you face, we offer the leverage you need to run and grow your business.

  • Ownership - 37 years
  • Operations management - 19 years
  • Safety management - 19 years
  • Sales management - 20 years

We have one of the lowest turnover rates of overhead staff in the industry. We take care of our employees, so they will take care of you!


Jake Hill
Scott Spain


"I would like to thank the Luxor team for your continued hard work and dedication during these unprecedented times. The products that MPS is making are an essential link in the global supply chain for products used to fight against COVID-19 and to maintain essential services and infrastructure during this time, and we are thankful to you for filling our recruiting needs in this pandemic. Once again thank you for all you do." (MPS)

"I just want to say that the Luxor team is just great to work with. I pull them in all directions and they do the best they can; they are a very hard working team. They seem to work non-stop; not even the Energizer bunny can keep up with them!" (SR)

"We sincerely appreciate the partnership we have with Luxor Staffing. This is why I surround myself with the people from Luxor. I want to be successful in staffing our warehouse." (SA)

"You are awesome! Thank you so very much for all you do! You guys really deserve a big treat for all of your hard work!!!!" (OS)

"We have gotten excellent service from Luxor since we have been in business. The associates of your company have been responsive and professional at all times." (DC)

"I wanted to say great job to everyone at Luxor. I haven't been able to say that about a staffing agency in a long time. Luxor has been really great and very helpful." (JS)

"No one can even come close to you in price and service." (ST)

"Other agencies don't answer my calls in the middle of the night!" (SA)

"I just wanted to pass on how helpful and great it was/is to have our Luxor representative in the facility. Yesterday passing out checks was great!! Saved a lot of time and helped everyone." (CL)

"Luxor is now our primary provider for temporary staffing. Since we first started using your agency, I was not only pleased by the pricing, but the customer service is untouchable by any other agency that has approached us. I no longer get complaints from my warehouse managers about needing help, and not having it. In addition our turnaround of temporary staff has reduced greatly, allowing us to get the job done, and spend less man hours retraining staff." (SC)

"You guys have been AMAZING to work with, and we really appreciate everything you do and have done for us!" (RU)

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