Job markets are growing - and so is Luxor Staffing!

  • West Houston Location

    South Fort Worth Location

    Luxor is excited to announce the expansion
    of our Fort Worth operations; we will soon
    be opening a new South Fort Worth location
    for your convenience... stay tuned!
  • West Houston Location

    New West
    Houston Location

    As the Texas job market continues
    to grow, so does Luxor Staffing. We
    now have a West Houston location
    for your convenience!

    Luxor West Houston
    5358 West 34th Street
    Houston Tx 77092

  • Northwest Houston Location

    New Northwest
    Houston Location

    Houston is enjoying some of the
    best job growth in Texas, and Luxor
    Staffing is excited to be a part of
    that growth with our new Northwest
    Houston location!

    Luxor Northwest Houston
    8475-G Highway 6 North
    Houston, Tx 77095

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We'll find you the right employees.

We offer the most competitive rates in the industry without sacrificing quality or service. Additional discounts are available for high-volume, transfers and referrals. We provide hands-on service no matter how large or small your staffing needs, and ACA operational costs are absorbed while all administration is managed by Luxor.

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