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The Best Temporary Staffing Agency in Texas

Helping employers and employees in Texas and New Mexico with all of their temporary staffing needs.

We have several locations in Texas and New Mexico. Contact the office nearest you today!

Luxor Staffing provides our customers with the highest quality and utmost professional staffing services available in Dallas-Fort Worth. Luxor Staffing focuses on going "above and beyond" our client’s expectations, while seeking to maintain a long-term staffing relationship that is built on trust. If you or your company would like to inquire more about Luxor Staffing and our services, please contact us through the information provided below.

Why do employers choose Luxor Staffing?

  • Superior Service
  • Our Management Team offers over 100 years’ expertise in the industry
  • ACA Compliant Healthcare Coverage 
  • Safety Compliance
  • The most competitive rates in the market  
Click  HERE  to get more information about Luxor Staffing

Let us handle your Affordable Care Act coverage!

Did you know that as of April 30th, 2015 private industry employer costs averaged $2.54 per hour worked for insurance benefits (life, health, and disability insurance), or 8.1 percent of total compensation? Let Luxor Staffing work for you so you can re-allocate these expenses to growing your core business. 

Affordable Care Act Coverage at no cost to the client
  • Several plan options are available from day one of the first assignment
  • None of the operational ACA Coverage costs are  passed on to the client
  • We handle all the administration so you don't have to!

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